Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    2017 ‘Muy malo’ for Cuba

    2017: ‘Muy malo’ for Cuba By Silvio Canto, Jr. December 29, 2016 For 10 years, Raúl has benefited a lot from having Fidel around. Fidel always showed up at the big celebrations or wrote a column. Forget that. It won’t be pretty in 2017, as we see in this report from the AP: Castro must […] Continue reading

    Cuba’s Ration Book Survives For Another Year

    Cuba’s Ration Book Survives For Another Year / 14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez 14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 22 December 2016 — At the end of this month the ration market quotas for January 2017 will go on sale. Cubans who depend on products distributed at subsidized prices will gather outside the bodegas, in long lines, for the […] Continue reading