Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    Building Socialism in Cuba

    Building Socialism in Cuba As pressure for economic liberalization grows, what would it take to turn Cuba into a socialist democracy? by Samuel Farber In July 2016, thanks to a 20 percent reduction in oil shipments from Venezuela, Cuba’s economy minister Marino Murillo announced a 6 percent cut in electricity and a 28 percent cut […] Continue reading

    Tramoya para el videoclip de Obama

    Tramoya para el videoclip de Obama PABLO PASCUAL MÉNDEZ PIÑA | La Habana | 14 Mar 2016 – 1:43 pm. Las humaredas, los ronquidos de los moto-fumigadoras, la oscuridad, los automóviles viejos, los edificios derruidos, los baches, los basureros, los derrames albañales… salvando los detalles de las chimeneas y los volcanes, hacen que La Habana […] Continue reading

    The Castros’ New Friend

    The Castros’ New Friend [14-05-2015 22:57:34] James Kirchick ( Obama’s change of policy helps Cuba’s oppressive regime, not its democratic dissidents I’ve visited more than my fair share of dictatorships, but Cuba is the only one where travelers at the airport must pass through a metal detector uponentering, in addition to leaving, the country. Immediately […] Continue reading

    Cuba Manipulating Health Care Statistics

    Cuba Manipulating Health Care Statistics Experts: Socialist regime trying to enhance its legitimacy BY: Daniel Wiser March 5, 2014 6:04 pm Cuba’s socialist regime continues to engage in widespread manipulation of its health care statistics to enhance its legitimacy abroad, experts say. The issue of Cuba’s health care record came up again recently after Sen. […] Continue reading