Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    Alan Gross

    Alan Gross / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
    Posted on January 26, 2015

    The Silence of Alan Gross
    Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

    We live not in the civilization of media, but of the mediocre. And from
    there directly we inhabit the miserable.

    Cubans desperately need witnesses to our tragedy. In the absence of
    politicians on the Island, we pin our hopes on any alternative voice:
    bloggers, musicians, graffiti artists, performers, etc.

    Just recently a supposed North American hostage has been released. Alan
    Gross completed his role in the democratic-totalitarian theater of
    legitimization of the Castro dictatorship. He is now free, but he
    remains stuck in the labyrinth of his lawyers and the six-figure
    compensation with which they have invited him to recuperate and remain
    reticent. In the United States, he will not for one moment stop being a
    true hostage.

    Cubans therefore ask why Alan Gross does not speak to us. Does he not
    feel shame for his irresponsibility towards our nation? He has not asked
    for forgiveness–that is, if he were to consider himself guilty. Nor has
    he accused his olive-green tormentors who, according to him, drove him
    to the point of suicide and stole five of the possibly fewer years of
    life he will now enjoy in liberty.

    Alan Gross was another of our sterile hopes for drawing attention to the
    criminal cruelty that hangs over every Cuban. But he has come out–along
    with his unhinged gaze–determined not to expend even one drop of saliva
    on the Revolution. He is the “sixth hero”* of this complicit comedy of
    trade and trickery. And he has no problem with the G-2.

    Thus is perpetuated the impunity of the 56-year-old regime imposed upon
    Cuba by a gerontocracy and by millions of North Americans–and soon, by
    the “millions” of the North Americans. Except for the Cubans–including
    the agents of influence and the spies–socialism is loved in America.
    This is consummate statistics. And the month of muteness of Alan Gross
    is one of its most sensational symptoms.

    Why does he keep silent, and what is he silencing, our USAID contractor
    in Havana? How was his trial behind closed doors? Was he tortured
    physically and verbally? What are the repressive buildings like
    inside, where he was disappeared even from his biography? With whom
    would Alan Gross speak in Cuba, and what did he know of the world during
    his time on the scaffold in unreal time? While in Cuba was he threatened
    with death or the death of his family if he did not cooperate? And, now,
    in the United States, what is the retaining wall that keeps him
    betraying us, while saving the very regime that destroyed him?

    The meat grinder will not cease even when the Castro regime falls. There
    is no justice that can withstand such violence and vileness which were
    inculcated in us, between paternalism and panic. The world will never be
    as scared of the Castros as we are, their executors who in turn will be
    executed. Among the people there are too many Alan Grosses.

    *Translator’s Note: The five Cuban spies who were serving prison terms
    in the US and were released in December, 2014, are labeled in Cuban
    government propaganda as “The Five Heroes.”

    Translated by Alicia Barraqué Ellison

    13 January 2015

    Source: Alan GGross / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo | Translating Cuba –