Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    I Would Not Accept Trading My Freedom For That of the Spies

    I Would Not Accept Trading My Freedom For That of the Spies / Angel
    Posted on July 8, 2014

    I hope that President Obama does not have the card up his sleeve to
    exchange Alan Gross for the three spies who are fulfilling their
    sentences in the United States. The dictatorship is aiming for that to
    happen. We all know – by the actions of more than a half-century of
    totalitarianism – that the régime survives on media circuses, the most
    remembered of them being the one that concerned the child Elian.

    The latest theme that they have chosen was that of the “ZunZuneo”, which
    sought to raise dust in front of the calamities and the strict
    censorship in a country that is sinking but — incredibly — without even
    touching bottom, precisely, thanks to those life with those who
    manipulate the media of the Fourth Estate.

    Fidel Castro, Champion of Disinformation

    The Castro brothers, wise in foreign policy in terms of deception,
    blackmail and economic vampirism, understood – ever since the trial
    against began in Miami of the agents of Cuban Security – that they would
    have a cause, a slogan and entertainment for a while. Fidel Castro,
    invariably, has been the champion of disinformation, always making a
    defeat seem like a victory; that is what he has been doing since he
    failed in the attack on the Moncada Barracks.

    Since his last lights and years in Government, he planned this blackmail
    of the United States. He tried also with the imprisonment of 75
    dissidents, which later was called the “Black Spring” and paid a high
    price for it with the attitude taken by the European Community and its
    “Common Position”.

    Alan Gross, hunted rabbit

    Cuban State Security waited a long time for an opportunity to seize an
    American spy who had no diplomatic rank, and seeing that it was not
    going to happen, manufactured one, as suits its political ability.

    The Obama government has not recognized the contractor Alan Gross as a
    spy for his country, although, on humanitarian grounds such as his age
    and state of health, it has asked Havana to release him.

    Of course, Cuba has played all the cards, because if their prey were to
    die for whatever reasons, it would create a conflict of major
    proportions. But the Castros needed a victory to result, especially if
    it concerns their historic enemy, and so, winding the watch of their
    power and extending it for a while longer.

    To top it off, as if it had to do with cattle, and seeing that a single
    hostage is not enough incentive, the political police has seen fit to
    apprehend four residents of Miami on serious allegations of terrorism,
    as a desperate gesture to undermine influences and press for the exchange.

    Media campaigns that are bleeding us dry

    One day it will be known the economic amount the media campaigns of
    Fidel Castro cost, but only the campaigns of the child Elian and the
    Five Spies have deeply bled the Cuban economy.

    To maintain committees in dozens of countries, and elderly people paid
    at the service of the political police of the Island, they constitute an
    army that not even a prosperous state would be able to afford.

    The paid publications in newspapers of great importance, the billboards
    along the highways — even in Miami itself — the payment for lawyers and
    constant travel of relatives around the globe, are only some of the
    costs of the infinite list that the Cuban citizen pays.

    An exchange would be a setback for the United States

    If President Obama, in the two years remaining to him, exchanges the
    spies for a maligned civilian, it would harm the Cuban vote, so
    important in Florida, and would lose that place for the candidate of his

    In addition, Hillary Clinton just acknowledged — in her book of memoirs
    — that “she advised Obama to ease the embargo”, by which it can be
    inferred that she is willing to exchange them, which would be a major
    setback for the United States in terms of its position in defense of
    human rights in the Island, even more so, because these spies are
    related to bloody deeds — such as the shooting down of the small plane
    of the “Brothers to the Rescue” (Hermanos al Rescate) — and it would be
    a Pyrrhic victory with regard to policy, for their inhuman actions.

    They should be incarcerated and with long sentences – the three who are
    left — should it be exclusively pride of Fidel Castro, who did not
    hesitate to expose his men in “enemy” territory. It was he who
    slaughtered and betrayed them.

    An exchange would stain Gross

    If the U.S. Government has maintained until today that Gross is not an
    agent, exchanging him would be a deadly act, first, because it would be
    recognizing him as such, after several years of ordeal as a hostage;
    second, it would be to accept that they have sacrificed it for nothing,
    because they could have exchanged him from the beginning; by the way, it
    would strengthen the Cuban dictatorship, and would weaken the effort for
    human rights that the American administrations have pursued for decades.

    And lastly, by carrying out an exchange, it would pass into history as
    an act of cowardice by, a high cost that perhaps he is not willing to
    pay. To exchange a civilian for spies sentenced because of acts of
    blood, is to muddy Alan Gross, As the US President, maybe he is willing
    to pay that price, not exactly as a fighter for liberty, which does not
    at all have to do with the exchange of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl for five
    Afghan prisoners at Guantanamo, as a result of the war against Taliban

    In my case in particular, as a civilian, artist and civil rights
    activist, I would prefer to die in Cuban jails before being so stained
    by history, by the simple and reasonable fact that I am innocent, as
    corroborated by my evidence, as should be Alan Gross, as has government
    has said so far.

    Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

    Lawton Prison Settlement. June 2014.

    Source: I Would Not Accept Trading My Freedom For That of the Spies /
    Angel Santiesteban | Translating Cuba –