Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    Another Day Without His Children

    Another Day Without His Children / Angel Santiesteban
    Posted on July 6, 2014

    Today is the second Father’s Day that two teenagers will spend without
    their dad, like many; they will throw him a kiss through the bars of the
    Lawton prison settlement, if the strict vigilance that the dictator
    dedicated to Angel Santiesteban doesn’t prevent it.

    Three guards and some officials, just for him, watch him constantly.
    This “common inmate” must be very important to make the Cuban people pay
    for such “guarding.” Every official costs more than a thousand pesos,
    and there are three trios taking it in turn over 24 hours, generation a
    cost of more than seven thousand pesos a month, plus the gasoline for
    their transportation, and that of the bosses who come daily to check in
    person how the guarding of Angel is going.

    Also today, there are many dads who will miss the warm kiss of their
    children, from the capricious vengeance of a dictator who violently
    represses and imprisons all those who fight peacefully for freedom.

    Ramón Muñoz, Alan Gross, Jorge Cervantes, just to mention some of the
    many political prisoners of the Castro dictatorship, will, like Angel,
    spend another day without their children and many of them will spend the
    day without their parents.

    The dictator brothers will celebrate — with their children and
    grandchildren — gobbling and drinking with no limits everything
    forbidden to Cubans, while pretending to the world to be everything they
    aren’t, laughing at the thousands of families separated by the distance
    of exile for over half a century.

    The mother of his child, along with the Political Police, managed to
    imprison him on false charges, all of which accusations were not proven,
    not the guilt of her ex-husband — she never proved that anything
    happened — rather her own guilt was proved because a false accusation is
    a crime and harms the reputation of another person. But the mother of
    his son didn’t manage to turn her son against his father; he is as
    attached to him as ever. Angel will receive the kiss that his son blows
    him from a distance, a kiss that will deservedly caress his heart,
    because for Angel Father’s Day is every day, and his children show how
    incredibly proud they are of him.

    I lost my father many years ago and the best way I can honor him is to
    live the ethical teachings and principles he passed on to me. I know
    that he — wherever he is — is proud that I am doing what I’m doing for

    The Editor

    15 June 2014

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