Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    Cuba repatriates three shipwrecked US sailors

    Cuba repatriates three shipwrecked US sailors

    Cuba has repatriated three Americans picked up recently in Cuban
    territorial waters after their sailboat ran aground, diplomatic sources
    said Friday.

    "We can confirm the handover and return of three people," a spokeswoman
    for the US Interests Section in Havana said without providing more
    details. Cuban authorities and the official press were silent on the matter.

    The US-based website identified the three as Derek
    Shaeffer, 39, Eric Foor, 21, and another unnamed, and said they flew to
    Miami on Sunday.

    The website said the three were sailing to Jamaica when they ran aground
    on a coral reef and were spotted by the Cuban coast guard around
    November 10.

    The outlet noted that in September Cuban turned over to US authorities
    two fugitives from US justice -- Denis Catania, 49, and Diana Camacho, 26.

    Only a few US nationals are in Cuban prisons, and most of those are for
    crimes related to drug or people trafficking.

    An exception is US government contractor Allan Gross, who was arrested
    in December 2009 and sentenced to 15 years in prison for distributing
    sophisticated communications gear to opponents of the government.

    Despite US demands for Gross' immediate and unconditional release, Cuban
    authorities have firmly refused and countered by demanding the release
    of five Cubans who were imprisoned in the United States for espionage.

    One of them was freed last month after serving his prison term, but he
    must remain in the United States for three years under the terms of his