Alan Gross: Castro's prisoner
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    American imprisoned in Cuba

    American imprisoned in Cuba
    Sep 4, 2011 9:07am
    (NECN/CNN: Jill Dougherty)

    The wife of an American contractor imprisoned in Cuba is worried she'll
    never see her husband alive again.

    Judy last saw her husband, Alan, in a Cuban court room nearly six
    months ago. She says that her spouse of 41 years has gone from a
    vigorous 62-year-old to a gaunt, pale old man.

    "Very very concerned [about his ]. He's so frail, now he has lost
    over a hundred pounds and when I saw him I could see his bones sticking

    is an international development worker. The State Department
    says that while in Cuba, he was providing equipment to the
    island's Jewish community.

    A Cuban court found him guilty of trying to subvert the Cuban government
    and sentenced him to 15 years in .

    Judy read a statement that her husband wrote, that reads: "I respect the
    sovereignty of Cuba. I have learned from my parents and through
    experience that respect is something that one must have, in order to

    There were times that Judy Gross had hoped music would help her husband
    cope with the ordeal. She said he would play his guitar while in prison.

    In early August, the Cuban court turned down Alan's last appeal. Judy
    has asked President Raul and the Cuban government to release him
    on humanitarian grounds.

    "One of my biggest fears is I'm going to get a call from my attorney one
    day saying Alan had a heart attack or something happened to him, I don't
    know if I'll ever see him again, I don't know if he'll step foot on US

    Alan Gross' imprisonment is affecting not only his family, it is
    affecting relations between the U.S. And Cuba, which, until now, have
    been improving. The State Department says his case is a major impediment
    to that improvement going forward.